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Making Enclosure Panels Using PCBs - Phil's Lab #102

How to design PCBs to make low-cost, front- and rear-panels for ´standardised´ enclosures. Including sizing, hole positioning, manufacturing details and options, and assembly example.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:25Example Project
  • 01:12Enclosure (Hammond)
  • 02:36PCBs as Front/Rear Panels
  • 03:35Alternatives
  • 04:01Altium Designer Free Trial
  • 04:32Fitting PCB to Enclosure
  • 07:15Connector Placement
  • 08:12Panel PCB Outline
  • 10:53DXF/DWG Import Alternative
  • 11:11Panel Thickness
  • 11:38Mounting Holes
  • 14:33Connector Hole Positions
  • 20:56Overlays and Artwork
  • 22:29Arbitrary Cutouts
  • 23:03PCB Specifications (Ordering)
  • 24:41Enclosure Assembly
  • 25:20Outro