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Hacking Hardware – Ways and tools to find out what an electronic board is doing and influence it

Injecting noise on power can influence firmware execution ... and possibly give you some control over an electronic device. Thank you very much Samy Kamkar.
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 00:49Credit / Debit cards
  • 15:04Bluetooth noise vs. instructions
  • 21:21Decoding instructions from noise
  • 28:47Fault injection
  • 33:12Interrupting execution of an instruction
  • 35:36Voltage glitching, clock glitching
  • 38:28TPM, HSM
  • 40:08About secure communication
  • 45:07Asymmetric cryptography
  • 47:10Diffie Hellman paint
  • 49:53Listening / emulating wireless keyboard
  • 52:53Ghidra - firmware reverse engineering tool
  • 57:54Why?