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KiCad Breakout Board Design (STM32 + Sensor) - Phil's Lab #36

How to design a simple, two-layer breakout board (PCB) for a sensor (differential pressure sensor) and an STM32 microcontroller using KiCad.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:57Phil´s Lab Website
  • 01:37Main Parts (Sensor and STM32 MCU)
  • 02:23Schematic Overview
  • 02:37Power Supply and Protection
  • 03:22Sensor and STM32 Microcontroller
  • 04:59IO Header and ESD Protection
  • 05:26PCB Overview
  • 06:00Component Placement
  • 06:48Routing Info and SWD Solder-Less Header
  • 07:09ESD Protection Placement
  • 07:19Vias
  • 07:35Silkscreen and 3D Viewer
  • 08:00Final Steps