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How To Design Boards And Electronics for Space (with Cedric Corpa)

What to be careful about when designing boards that go to space? Thank you very much Cedric, Chris, Andrew and Astrobotic
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:20Can we use standard components for the boards that go to space?
  • 25:07Qualified components and parts what have been in space
  • 27:33Outgassing in space
  • 30:12Acoustic and vibration testing
  • 34:38Temperature testing and heat dissipation
  • 50:10EMC / EMI testing
  • 52:28ESD testing, grounding and bonding
  • 58:19Tin whiskers
  • 1:04:13Mass
  • 1:11:17Safety standards and risk management
  • 1:18:50Finding a job in a space company
  • 1:23:04Astrobotic's lunar lander and rovers