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KiCad 6 STM32 PCB Design Full Tutorial - Phil's Lab #65

Complete step-by-step PCB design process going through the schematic, layout, and routing of a ´black-pill´ STM32-based PCB including USB in the new KiCAD 6. All the way from schematic creation, through to two-layer PCB layout and routing, as well as sending it off for manufacture and assembly via JLCPCB.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:26What You´ll Learn
  • 03:54STM32 Microcontroller, Decoupling
  • 15:01STM32 Configuration Pins
  • 21:15Pin-Out and STM32CubeIDE
  • 26:59Crystal Circuitry
  • 30:49USB
  • 33:57Power Supply and Connectors
  • 42:54Electrical Rules Check (ERC), Annotation
  • 49:25Footprint Assignment
  • 52:11PCB Set-Up
  • 57:03MCU, Decoupling Caps, Crystal Layout
  • 1:03:15USB and SWD Layout
  • 1:06:37Changing Footprints, Adding 3D Models
  • 1:09:38Switch and Connector Placement
  • 1:12:11Power Supply Layout
  • 1:14:50Mounting Holes, Board Outline
  • 1:19:54Decoupling, Crystal Routing
  • 1:24:10Signal Routing
  • 1:27:26Power Routing
  • 1:32:45Finishing Touches, Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • 1:35:21Producing Manufacturing Files (BOM, CPL, Gerber, Drill)
  • 1:39:44Outro