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Can You Make Money on Open Source Projects? | Alicia Gibb Seidle

Shall you open source your project or not? How to promote it and protect it? This video may help.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:04Business model for open source hardware and some examples
  • 11:13How to promote your open source project
  • 15:49Arduino
  • 22:29Using a trademark
  • 32:08Open source is not for everyone
  • 36:31Open source and popularity and safety and regulations
  • 43:16Open hardware in Space
  • 47:38Open source hardware in Bio Tech
  • 52:50Open hardware in Medical
  • 54:57Popular areas for open source hardware
  • 58:18What you should build?
  • 1:01:10Experience with Kickstater
  • 1:06:51Need help with your open source projects? fellowship, mentors, grants and founding
  • 1:14:47Why to design open source hardware
  • 1:21:08What tools / software to use to design open source hardware
  • 1:25:31Where to file patents and trademarks