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Internet Marketing – YouTube Experiment

Conclusion: Leave your YouTube videos Public and add your website link in the video description or embed in the video.

Overview: I have couple of videos on YouTube. Very soon I found out, that many servers embedded my video in their websites – and people don’t go to my blog.

Action: I made all my videos Unlisted and embedded them into my blog. Only way to find my videos was go through my blog website.

I left this video unlisted between 15/01 – 17/02

Not good :O
I will rather have my video embedded in other websites and listed in YouTube search with a link to my blog, then lying alone on my server find with no one. After one month I changed all my videos to be Public again and placed a link to my website on beginning of description (make it easy to click).

I know, by adding the link on the beginning of description I lose couple of characters from google search results, but it’s a compromise.

What do you think about that?

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