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How to simulate PCIE / IEEE path on PCB + Everything you need to know | Explained by Bert Simonovich

Setting up simulation and explaining everything essential you need to know about channel simulation such PCIE or IEEE. Thank you very much Bert Simonovich
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:53What is channel and why to simulate it
  • 06:33Why is loss important
  • 14:25Stackup
  • 15:21Dielectric properties Df Dk
  • 21:47Copper roughness
  • 27:34Construction tables and stackup
  • 33:0510 layer stackup example
  • 38:30When start worrying about stackup details
  • 48:03Copper Roughness models
  • 57:53Filling up Stackup into Polar software
  • 1:03:53Setting up Dk and roughness
  • 1:06:46Calculating Loss of a transmission line for stackup in Polar
  • 1:09:05Saving model of transmission line
  • 1:20:29Creating models of VIAs
  • 1:33:20Dielectric anisotropy
  • 1:38:52DesignCon
  • 1:42:41Creating and setting up simulation
  • 1:51:11Simulation and results
  • 1:54:04Comparing good and bad PCB material results
  • 1:57:28COM - Channel Operating Margin
  • 1:59:07Setting up COM simulation
  • 2:02:57COM results