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Shall We Use a Ferrite Bead in Power Rail or Not? | Explained by Eric Bogatin

When a ferrite bead should not be used in power rail and when it is ok. Thank you Eric.
  • 00:00The problem
  • 00:32Power distribution network
  • 02:56What is inductance and why it is a problem
  • 09:18What is ferrite bead
  • 12:30The problem for what we need beads
  • 18:15Solution: LDO
  • 19:44Solution: Filter (ferrite bead)
  • 22:58Inductor in power rail: Yes or No?
  • 26:46Practical example: Setup
  • 34:17Measurement: No filter
  • 36:12Measurement: Ferrite bead only
  • 38:36Measurement: Ferrite bead + capacitor