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How to Make Custom ESP32 Board in 3 Hours | Full Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw schematic, do PCB layout, manufacture your board and programming.
  • 00:00Start a new project in EasyEDA
  • 04:00Add ESP32 into schematic
  • 05:00Add CP2102N
  • 05:48Add AMS1117-3.3
  • 06:41Add USB connector
  • 07:43Add ESD, Transistors, Buttons
  • 09:33Add Capacitors
  • 14:06Add Resistors
  • 18:29Add LED
  • 19:12Drawing schematic: Buttons + ESP32
  • 25:42onnecting: USB to UART
  • 36:19Connecting: LED, Power
  • 40:28Connecting: Series resistors, Connectors
  • 47:40ESP32 vs S2 reference schematic
  • 51:55CP2102N Errata
  • 56:23Adding titles
  • 59:20Annotating schematic
  • 1:00:47Fixing errors in schematic
  • 1:02:24Importing schematic to PCB
  • 1:03:25Component placement
  • 1:20:39Start PCB Layout: setup rules, stackup and route it
  • 1:47:50Updating schematic and importing changes to PCB
  • 2:07:39Running DRC check and fixing errors on PCB
  • 2:11:32Drawing polygons
  • 2:21:35Updating tracks to 50OHMs, improving power connections
  • 2:28:23Adding text
  • 2:41:04Ordering PCB: Gerber files
  • 2:42:40Ordering board assembly: BOM, Pick and place
  • 2:46:37Ordering additional components
  • 2:50:52Boards received! Check them
  • 2:52:20Programming: Setup
  • 2:53:53Programming: Blink (Example)
  • 2:55:03Programming: Controlling LED over Internet (WiFi Example)
  • 2:56:32Thank you very much