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Aesthetic PCB Design Tips - Phil's Lab #84

Tips for creating aestheticly-pleasing PCB designs, which in turn also benefit functionality, manufacturability, and more. From grid sizes, placement, silkscreen, to edge shielding, and more - make sure to incorporate these tips into your next PCB designs!
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:10PCB Showcase
  • 03:39Why Aesthetics Matter
  • 04:51Grids
  • 06:22Sectioning
  • 07:37Traces
  • 09:35Board Outline and Component Placement
  • 10:43Edge Plating/Shielding
  • 11:49Rounded Corners
  • 12:35Silkscreen
  • 15:38Surface Finish and Soldermask
  • 17:26Outro