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Differential Pairs - PCB Design Basics - Phil's Lab #83

Differential pair PCB design basics, covering differential signaling benefits, references, impedance control, inter- and intra-pair matching, and termination.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:43Rick Hartley Diff Pair Video
  • 01:05Single-Ended vs Differential Signalling
  • 03:25Differential Signalling Benefits
  • 03:58Twisted Pair Diff Pair
  • 04:58PCB Diff Pair
  • 07:00Impedance and Coupling
  • 09:55Impedance Calculation Examples (Altium Designer)
  • 12:55SE and DIFF Impedance to Trace Width and Spacing
  • 14:16Matching (Inter- and Intra-Pair)
  • 16:18Matching Example (Altium Designer)
  • 18:10Termination
  • 21:29Outro