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How to Design Your PCB Antennas And How Antennas Work (Bluetooth Antenna Examples) – with John Dunn

Do you know how a PCB antenna works? Is it the same as what John is explaining in the video?
  • 00:44Pcb Antenna
  • 03:12Example of Pcb Antenna
  • 04:42Monopole
  • 06:01Radiation Patterns
  • 09:28Receiving Antenna
  • 11:17Near Field
  • 13:43Input Impedance
  • 14:3350 Ohm Input on an Antenna Why 50 Ohms
  • 16:12Return Loss
  • 16:45Efficiency
  • 21:19IPeak Peak Gain
  • 22:45Electromagnetic Simulator
  • 23:20Microwave Office
  • 24:30Finite Elements
  • 28:07Absorbing Boundary Condition
  • 31:18Gain
  • 33:09The Polarization of the Pattern
  • 34:17Linear Polarization
  • 36:59Fm Radio Is Polarized
  • 39:14Gps Satellite
  • 40:08Circular Polarization
  • 52:19Smith Chart
  • 1:06:02Polarization
  • 1:11:20Reciprocity in Electromagnetics
  • 1:15:37Directional Coupler
  • 1:18:46Why Do We Need To Use So Many Vias in the Ground Planes