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How To Design a Breakout Board | JLCPCB | Altium Designer - Phil's Lab #35

How to design a simple breakout board (PCB) for a sensor (MPU-6050) using the datasheet and Altium Designer. With information on getting the PCBs manufactured by JLCPCB including assembly.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:22Datasheet (MPU-6050)
  • 02:19New Project and Adding Files
  • 04:19Sensor Schematic
  • 07:47Header Schematic
  • 10:28Cleaning up the Schematic and ERC
  • 11:44PCB View and Importing Footprints
  • 12:49Board Outline
  • 13:41Component Placement
  • 14:50Placing Silkscreen
  • 15:22Mounting Holes
  • 16:09Copper Pour
  • 16:37Routing
  • 17:48Vias
  • 18:51Rules and Design Rule Check
  • 19:24Gerber Files
  • 20:20Pick and Place, BOM Files
  • 22:05JLCPCB Ordering