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About HW Engineers, Electronics and Youtube ( with Dave Jones EEVBlog )

“How to become a better hardware design engineer …”, that is my first question in this interview. Thank you very much Dave.
  • 00:00What this video is going to be about
  • 00:38How to become a better hardware design engineer
  • 04:44Building a smartphone after watching a video
  • 07:10Testing high volume products
  • 12:44Being an engineer is not only about knowledge
  • 16:06Hiring a junior engineer
  • 19:30How to get experience
  • 25:13About CV
  • 28:04Aha moments in electronics
  • 38:55Youtube - Do it / Don´t do it?
  • 41:45What to expect when starting a youtube channel
  • 43:55What to keep in mind when making videos
  • 47:50Can you make a lot of money as a youtuber?
  • 50:13About debunking videos
  • 52:15About people watching videos
  • 55:40Mistakes in videos
  • 1:01:40How to learn and know a lot
  • 1:05:14Solar energy
  • 1:07:28How Dave started with electronics
  • 1:08:39What knowledge are engineers missing
  • 1:13:01Sometimes, there is no universal answer
  • 1:15:50The most complicated video Dave has created
  • 1:18:50How do you manage your time