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Guitar Boost Pedal Design - Phil's Lab #74

How to design your own guitar boost pedal. Including discussion on specifications/requirements, analogue circuitry (buffers, long-tailed pair, common-emitter amplifier, compensation, negative feedback, etc.), analysis (oscilloscope + function generator, Bode plots), and implementation (live guitar demo).
  • 00:00Boost Demo (Max Gain)
  • 00:26Introduction
  • 01:14Device and Schematic Overview
  • 04:54Power Supply
  • 05:40Input Section
  • 08:02Difference Amplifier (Long-Tailed Pair)
  • 09:04Voltage Gain Stage (CE Amp)
  • 10:00Output Buffer
  • 11:16PCB Overview
  • 12:22Enclosure
  • 12:44Time Domain Analysis (WaveForms)
  • 14:40Frequency Domain Analysis (WaveForms)
  • 17:12Guitar Demo