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How Can You Sell Your Own Tech Products?

TIPS on how to design, manufacture and SELL your own (not only) tech products.
  • 00:00About this video
  • 00:41What to design
  • 02:31Why to design it by yourself
  • 05:57How long it should take to develop a product
  • 10:09How long from prototype to product
  • 12:35How much work to put into the first product
  • 16:33Always make profit
  • 17:08How to setup price
  • 22:13How to sell your product
  • 32:19How to setup online shop
  • 34:43What to put on your product website
  • 35:50How to write the texts
  • 39:04How to get feedback
  • 43:10Protecting your idea and product