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FIR Filter Design and Software Implementation - Phil's Lab #17

FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter theory, design, and software implementation. Real-time software implementation on a custom STM32-based PCB. Overview of digital filtering, use-cases, mathematical theory, convolution, circular buffers, practical considerations, how to design FIR filters, filter design tools, implementation in real-time using C on an embedded system.
  • 00:00Preview of FIR Filter Implementation
  • 00:34JLCPCB Ordering (Custom STM32 PCB)
  • 01:18Introduction and Overview
  • 01:57Digital Filter Overview
  • 02:40Input Signal Representation (Discrete Time)
  • 03:21Filter Frequency Response
  • 04:42Output Signal
  • 05:11FIR Filter Theory (Impulse Response, Convolution)
  • 08:20Window-Sinc FIR Filter Design Procedure
  • 11:17Choices When Designing FIR Filters
  • 12:19Filter Design Tool
  • 14:06Implementation: Convolution and Circular Buffers
  • 16:58Header File
  • 17:55Filter Init and Update Functions
  • 23:03Filtering Accelerometer Data (DMA, Callbacks, USB, etc.)
  • 25:13Designing a Practical FIR Filter (Low-Pass)
  • 28:37Serial Oscilloscope Tool
  • 28:50Real-Time Accelerometer Filtering Example