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Ground in PCB Layout - Separate or Not Separate? (with Rick Hartley)

Do you separate Digital GND and Analogue GND, or not? What do you think is better?
  • 00:00Have You Ever Had Problems with Crosstalk
  • 01:42Introduction
  • 04:24James Pawson
  • 05:58Cables
  • 08:36Joke
  • 09:06Why split ground
  • 18:53Signal and ground
  • 19:29Low frequency audio
  • 20:11Analog and digital on the same board
  • 23:14Switch mode power supplies
  • 25:15Switch node
  • 26:25Track layout
  • 30:30Evaluation boards
  • 32:55App notes
  • 35:53Super sensitive circuits
  • 42:20Simulations
  • 46:33Connecting Ground to Enclosure
  • 48:17Shield of a Cable
  • 50:09RJ45s
  • 54:38External Energy
  • 55:23USB Problems