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ESP32 Programming Tutorial for Custom Hardware (GPIO, Serial, SPI, WiFi) - Phil's Lab #91

How to write firmware for custom ESP32-based hardware. Example features an ESP32-C3 MCU with QSPI flash memory, SPI inertial measurement unit (sensor), USB, LEDs, and PCB antenna (WiFi).
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 03:04Hardware Overview
  • 05:30Arduino IDE Set-Up for ESP32
  • 06:35Board Set-Up
  • 09:00Flashing Firmware
  • 10:27LED GPIOs
  • 12:57USB Serial
  • 14:02SPI Sensor Interface, Basic Set-Up
  • 18:34SPI Protocol Basics, Read Register Implementation
  • 24:50SPI Test (Chip ID and Temperature Sensor)
  • 28:06WiFi Test (Basic Server to Toggle LED)
  • 31:12Outro