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How are big FPGA (and other) boards designed? Tips and Tricks

Many useful tips to design complex boards. Explained by Marko Hoepken. Thank you very much Marko
  • 00:00Schematic symbol - Pins
  • 09:54Nets and connections
  • 20:55Hierarchical schematic
  • 25:55Multiple instances of one schematic page
  • 31:47Checklists
  • 35:52Pin swapping
  • 40:07Use unused pins
  • 43:42Optimizing power
  • 1:00:14Handling special pins
  • 1:06:11Footprints and Packages
  • 1:09:50Fanout / Breakout of big FPGA footprints
  • 1:24:59Layout
  • 1:28:33Length matching
  • 1:36:55Build prototypes
  • 1:44:31Reduce complexity
  • 1:51:21Where Marko works