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Digital Audio Processing with STM32 #1 - Introduction and Filters - Phil's Lab #46

Real-time digital processing (DSP) of audio data using an STM32 microcontroller on custom audio-processing hardware. Details of hardware design, software set-up, and various digital audio effects. First video in series, covering the system overview, set-up, and simple low- and high-pass filters (IIR, based on analogue RC prototypes).
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:25Content
  • 01:48Series Overview
  • 02:35Mixed-Signal Hardware Design Course with KiCad
  • 02:57Hardware Overview
  • 05:25Software Overview
  • 08:33Double Buffering
  • 09:34STM32CubeIDE and Basic Firmware
  • 14:20Low-Pass Filter Theory
  • 18:48Low-Pass Filter Code
  • 22:44Test Set-Up (Digilent ADP3450)
  • 23:44Testing the Filter (WaveForms, Frequency Response, Time Domain)
  • 27:17High-Pass Filter Theory and Code
  • 28:22Testing the Filters
  • 30:35Live Demo - Electric Guitar