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Microcontroller in FPGA? This is how to do it … | Step by Step Tutorial | Adam Taylor

Wow! I had no idea it is so simple to add a Microcontroller into FPGA. Thank you very much Adam Taylor for great and practical step by step tutorial about how to do it. This tutorial can be useful for beginners or when starting with FPGA. Includes also DDR3, USB UART, VHDL block, Logic Analyzer and how to write Hello word software for the microcontroller.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:35What we are going to design
  • 04:08Starting a new FPGA project in Vivado
  • 05:58Adding Digilent ARTY Xilinx board into our project
  • 07:48Adding system clock
  • 10:47Adding and configuring DDR3 in FPGA
  • 19:41Adding Microcontroller (MicroBlaze) into FPGA
  • 30:00Connecting reset
  • 32:24Adding USB UART
  • 34:00Assigning memory space ( Peripheral Address mapping )
  • 34:59Creating and explaining RTL ( VHDL ) code
  • 40:19Adding RTL ( VHDL ) code into our FPGA project
  • 43:56Synthesis
  • 45:25Defining and configuring FPGA pins
  • 52:21Adding Integrated Logic Analyzer
  • 55:00Adding GPIO block
  • 58:28Checking the summary and timing of finished FPGA design
  • 1:03:36Exporting the design
  • 1:04:43Writing software for microcontroller in FPGA - Starting a new project in VITIS
  • 1:09:50Compiling, loading and debugging MCU software
  • 1:11:44IT WORKS!
  • 1:12:16Checking content of the memory and IO registers
  • 1:14:31How to use GPIO driver to read gpio value
  • 1:17:40Using Integrated Logic Analyzer inside FPGA for debugging
  • 1:24:14Adam´s book and give away