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Altitude Estimation with Pressure Sensors (STM32, Firmware + Hardware) - Phil's Lab #68

Estimating altitude (relative) with pressure measurements via a barometric pressure sensor. All the way from theory with equations, to implementation on custom hardware and custom firmware written for an STM32 microcontroller. Utilizing an I2C/SPI-based absolute pressure sensor (SPL06-001), showing how the driver code was written. Including basics on simple digital IIR low-pass filters.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:06Altitude from Pressure
  • 02:10Measuring Pressure
  • 03:16Calculations
  • 04:15Hydrostatic Method
  • 05:17Filtering Measurements
  • 06:391st Order IIR Filter
  • 08:05Hardware Overview
  • 09:11Tag-Connect Debug Header/Probe
  • 09:51Pressure Sensor Datasheet (SPL06-001)
  • 10:54STM32CubeIDE Set-Up
  • 12:04Implementation (main.c)
  • 16:31Sensor Driver (SPL06.c/SPL06.h)
  • 17:36Initial Interrupt/Firmware Test
  • 19:50Pressure (Raw and Filtered) Measurement Test
  • 23:30Altitude Estimation Test