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Starting with STM32 – Programming Tutorial for Beginners | Step by Step | Greidi Ajalik

For everyone who would like to learn how to start with STM32 programming.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:17Starting a new project in STM32 CubeIDE
  • 10:30STM32 chip configuration – GPIO pins ( ioc file )
  • 16:38Clock configuration
  • 22:12Project tree and files explained
  • 26:53Controlling a GPIO in STM32
  • 36:22Delay function – HAL_Delay
  • 40:04ST-LINK upgrade
  • 43:22STLINK STM32 debugger / programmer
  • 45:55Building and running your code
  • 49:20STM32 interrupt code example + explanation
  • 1:01:53STM32 UART to PC example + explanation