Steve Sandler

Steven is a power system engineering veteran with over 40 years of experience. As a globally acclaimed authority, Steve frequently lectures and conducts workshops on Power Integrity and Distributed Power System Design. He has been awarded the DesignCon 2017 and EDICON 2017 Best Paper Awards, and was a winner of the Jim Williams ACE Award for Contributor of the Year (2015), as well as DesignCon 2023 Engineer of the Year award. Steve is also a two-time Test & Measurement Test Engineer of the Year Finalist.

With numerous publications and books on power supply and distribution network performance, including his latest book "Power Integrity Using ADS" (2020), Steve is a leading authority in the field. Additionally, he is the founder of AEi Systems, specializing in modeling and worst-case circuit analysis for high reliability industries. He is also the founder and CEO of PICOTEST.com, which is a company specializing in instruments and accessories for high-performance power systems and distributed system testing.

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