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What about this way of placing termination resistors?

nachodizz990 , 08-03-2016, 09:52 AM
I´m looking a TI design and i liked the placement of the termination resistors.

They are placed directly under the last ddr chip

Seems to be a good approach (minimal termination stub and distance )
robertferanec , 08-07-2016, 03:45 AM
Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
nachodizz990 , 08-07-2016, 04:52 AM
TI’s AM5728 is a Sitara processor: dual Arm Cortex-A15 & dual DSP, multimedia. Find parameters, ordering and quality information

Here you can the allegro and layout files (Allegro free physical viewer) Note that this board it´s also known as the Beagleboard X15

I looked all the TI designs to learn "welldone things" buth the openrex by the moment is the routing world champion)
robertferanec , 08-07-2016, 05:01 AM
Thank you. And thanks to @martinmurin, he did the layout of OpenRex
nachodizz990 , 08-07-2016, 05:05 AM
Sorry i was wrong this is the x15 xD

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