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Design of a motherboard completed !

mulfycrowh , 09-15-2022, 10:25 AM
Hi everyone,

I am done with the design of the motherboard I started on June 2022.
I would like to thank again all the people who always replied to my questions and more particularly:

- robertferanec
- qdrives
- WhoKnewKnows

Here a list of the specifications of this motherboard built around 12 layers:

Module Com Express Type 6
Module MXM Type A

2 x MSATA SSDs (involved for OS recovery if needed)
1 x PCIe SSD

Up to 2 x 4K-DP-displays in landscape or portrait mode (with re-timer)
2 x touchscreen ports
2 x HDMI ports (with re-timer)

3 x fans
2 x temperature sensors

1 x Module WLAN/Bluetooth

1 x audio codec (2 channels for LI, LO and microphones)
Up to 3 external audio codecs (12 channels each with differential outputs)

1 x LAN port (2.5GbE and 1000/100/10 Mbit/s connections)

1 x proprietary connector: 1 USB2, 1 USB3, external battery pack connection, MIDI interface, 4 A/D inputs or 4 D/A outputs or 4 logic I/Os or 1 SPI or 1 UART)

1 x embedded controller - 120 MHz - Flash 512K x 8 - EEPROM 4K x 8 - RAM 128K x 8

Feel free to ask questions if any!

qdrives , 09-15-2022, 12:56 PM
Your welcome.
The question is now...

how much time does it take to do redesigns because you cannot get components?
mulfycrowh , 09-15-2022, 02:29 PM
@qdrives I started with samples on last December.
It was really difficult with the docking connectors from JAE and started my search 2 years ago.
I got them this year.
At present time we have a lot of samples and can say there is big probability to get everything.
What I learnt is: even if the part is not available by Mouser, Digikey, RS ..., you can get it either from the manufacturer or from other websites like LCSC.
Something very interesting: the project involves 12 boards. We launched the prototype phase for 3 boards last year.
We did it with a big big company in Europe. They were not able to get some components because they only work with dedicated distributors. For example, they don't work with LCSC and we got some components before them.
Strange ...
The first production will be 1,000 pieces and I really wonder whether it would be better to purchase on our side.​
qdrives , 09-16-2022, 12:14 PM
Besides LCSC, do you have any good experience with other brokers or non standard suppliers?
robertferanec , 09-17-2022, 01:31 AM
"The first production will be 1,000 pieces and I really wonder whether it would be better to purchase on our side.​"
- Just to be sure, you are building 5 - 10 prototypes first, right?

Nice board! Well done!
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