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Which dielectric material is the best to use in 2.4 GHZ RF

sukru , 05-01-2021, 08:02 AM
I have a 4 layer RF design that includes 50 mhz and 2.4 ghz RF frequencies and I want to choose suitable dielectric material for that frequencies what should I consider while choosing the material?
Isola® 370HR or RO4350B, which is the best to use in 2.4 GHZ?
sukru , 05-02-2021, 04:53 AM
@DanR Thank you for your quick responce. I have not long trace and I dont know the importance of loss tangent in RF circuit but I will search for it and as you recommend I will ask specifically for low loss tangent.
Yes I have 50ohm impedance requirements but I think Altium sort it out for me in layer stack manager when I write the Dk , Df and thickness of the material but I have no idea about the relation between permittivity and impedance requirements. Is it something changeable for each impedance profile? or must be changed for each impedance profile?
sukru , 05-02-2021, 12:02 PM
First of all thank you for your explanations. If Dk changes for each layer and it is not possible to understand the changed value of material's Dk , the impedance profile that Altium measure for specific Dk is not reliable.

Yes maintaining impedance and avoiding losses for good signal integrity is my priority and I will pay attention to the subject about the measure between the ground pour and high frequency trace.

Can you make suggestions on the placement of the Core and prepreg layers and their appropriate thickness values? Most probably I will use RO4350B (by a comparing Df,Dk and thicknes as you suggested ) as a dielectric material, Can I use the same material for core and prepreg ? On datasheet, there are various thicknesses available to choose, As I know Core layer should be thicker than prepreg layer Can I use the thicker RO4350B material as a Core layer ?

sukru , 05-03-2021, 05:30 AM
@DanR Thank you for the precious imformation you have given me. First I will talk with my fabricator and require the parameters for Altium or Saturn. it will be much easy and time saving for me. Also May I ask a example Altium layer stack manager screenshot to examine while waiting the fabricator's answer.
sukru , 05-04-2021, 10:18 AM
Hi @DanR I am grateful for all the information you provided. These informations were very useful for me and saved me a lot of time. Thank you very much.
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