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Pendrive design resources for SDRAM

Anik , 12-24-2023, 12:12 PM
Hello sir,
i have searched about design a pendrive using a SDRAM. But I didn’t find any resources about it. Can you give me some resources or reference design how can I design a pendrive circuit using SDRAM chip. It willbe smaller size like 256MBit.
Thank you.
Robert Feranec , 12-26-2023, 09:10 AM
what is the purpose?
Anik , 12-26-2023, 04:05 PM
Just for using a temporary memory. If I need to keep a file for sometime in other place.
QDrives , 12-26-2023, 07:59 PM
"...in other place." -- SDRAM looses its content when not powered and refreshed. Flash memory will retain it.
Robert Feranec , 12-27-2023, 08:33 AM
I guess, most flash drives use a specific chip which probably only supports flash memory connection (no SDRAM) - I am not sure if there will be one chip solution for SDRAM. What you are describing is more like standard MCU/CPU solution which behaves like storage. However if you go for MCU, that may be slow, if you go for CPU, that may be unnecessary complicated. I guess, for standard MCUs, there will be examples, you can start with RP2040 https://forums.raspberrypi.com/viewtopic.php?t=312423
Anik , 12-30-2023, 05:50 AM
Its getting very hard for me....I have stopped this project.
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