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PCB layout issue

Roland Mist , 11-28-2023, 08:12 AM

I made a mistake while doing the layout of a PCB and routed the PWR signal in two different paths in two different layers. Now it looks like there is a loop between the source and load connector (which are on the top layer).

Will this loop cause any issues?

-Red (Layer1)
-Yellow (Layer 3)
- Blue (Layer 6)
QDrives , 11-28-2023, 10:41 PM
You mean other than the reduced resistance / impedance...?
For high speed the length difference between blue and yellow may cause some problems, but seeing Vbat_ch, I assume DC.
Layers 2 and 5 are Gnd?
Robert Feranec , 11-29-2023, 05:22 AM
I have used parallel power planes number of times (usually the same shape on different layers),but I have not simulated it for any possible problems or issues. I am putting this on my possible topics to talk about in my videos in future.
Roland Mist , 11-29-2023, 07:55 AM
Yes the signals is DC. It is a path to charge the Li-ion Battery in my system.
My layer stackup is
Layer 1 - Signal
Layer 2 - GND
Layer 3 - PWR
Layer 4 - Signal/GND
Layer 5 - PWR
Layer 6 - PWR/GND
Roland Mist , 11-29-2023, 07:55 AM
looking forward to this
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