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PCB design issue

Anik , 11-20-2023, 02:45 PM
I am working on my personal project. 5 PCB. Among of 5 PCB there are 2 PCB has an issue.
On the PCB if I test continuity with two point which dont have any electrical connection each other but multimeter showing Mega ohm resistance.
This is 4 layer PCB, what mistake can be made by me on the PCB?
Anik , 11-20-2023, 02:49 PM
On the same terminal another PCB has different resistance
Robert Feranec , 11-20-2023, 05:20 PM
did you try to place a good isolation between PCB and table? if its in M Ohms it can be anything - moisture, dirt, surface of the table, ....
Anik , 11-20-2023, 05:44 PM
🫣 Oh no. Its fixed sir. I make clean and dry the surface of the PCB and now its ok. then I think the table was damped.
Anik , 11-20-2023, 05:46 PM
The problem ia the table
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