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OLED display cable

colhany , 01-17-2024, 10:31 PM
Hello all,
I'm working on a project that requires using a small oled or lcd display with a long FPC cable, because the display will be far from the board. I'm using LCSC as my supplier. However, I cannot find any display with a long enough cable. So my question is, is there a specific manufacturer that does displays with custom cable length?
Or of there's any other solution?
I know that I can design another "carrier" pcb for the display only and this attaches to the main pcb, but I'd prefer if everything is in one PCB.
Robert Feranec , 01-18-2024, 05:36 AM
this is tricky. even if you find one specific display which would fit your need, question will be if you still don't want to use a standard display + a carrier/adapter board which you would design. if this is only to build 1 board, special display will be fine, if you would like to manufacture it in bigger quantities, standard display + adapter may be a better solution. But to answer your question directly, I don't know that kind of display, but I often try on amazon to find some unusual hardware from china.
colhany , 01-18-2024, 05:56 PM
Thank you for the answer
The problem is that it's supposed to be mass produced, so I was looking for a place to get steady supply of displays
Mini , 01-18-2024, 06:08 PM
i have bought displays from buydisplay.com(china)
Mini , 01-18-2024, 06:08 PM
not sure about mass production though, you may ask them directly if you find suitable display
QDrives , 01-18-2024, 09:30 PM
Do not forgot the often HUGH EMC problems that displays cause. Long cables... long distance make it much more difficult to fix/solve.
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