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LVDS impedance match

SivaV.V , 08-11-2023, 09:04 AM
1. How do we calculate the trace length tolerance for inter-pair and intra-pair lvds signal running at 300Mbps ?

2. If the LVDS signal is routed through multiple (4) boards, should I need to place the termination resistor near the connector of all boards or having the termination resistor at the end (4th) board I.e. receiver is enough?
Alex Batista , 08-11-2023, 04:07 PM
Hi @SivaV.V. I believe you can find these information on this PDF file provided by Toradex. It is very helpful and it shows a lot of design rules for several high speed interfaces.
SivaV.V , 08-12-2023, 04:05 AM
Thanks @Alex Batista
Robert Feranec , 08-17-2023, 05:31 AM
1. on PCB I usually try to route these kind of signals almost the same length - if they are routed to connectors, you never know tolerance of cables, so I just try to make my best on PCB. It looks like in your case you are using board to board connectors, but I would still just try to make them very similar length on every single PCB.
Robert Feranec , 08-17-2023, 05:32 AM
2. what kind of termination?
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