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LED driver as CC source?

colhany , 01-16-2024, 09:47 PM
Can you use a constant current LED driver (like the one attached) to drive a load, like a resistive load? Or will it not work if it's not an LED?
Thank you
QDrives , 01-17-2024, 12:06 AM
It should work with resistive load to some degree. The question is what is the voltage output that is required for your load current and what is the input voltage?
The Led driver is like a switch mode regulator. The compensator will be more optimized for LEDs that have a forward voltage (2...4V).
colhany , 01-17-2024, 01:54 AM
It's an electrode designed to be supplied with a 0.52A cc source, the voltage across the electrode when it's active is about 3.7V. I'd say the IC should be able to provide that, don't you think?
QDrives , 01-17-2024, 08:59 PM
Yes, I think that will be ok.
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