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Confusion about Ti's LM51551 boost controller

colhany , 12-19-2023, 10:09 PM
Hello, I want to design a lithium battery pack charger (constant current) and I want to use a boost converter. I'm a little confused about the "constant peak current limit" feature, does it mean that the IC will provide constant current, or that it will shut down if this current is exceeded? Thank you
SirJames , 12-19-2023, 10:39 PM
I believe it means that output current won't differ with change of input voltage.
colhany , 12-20-2023, 04:01 PM
Do you know of any boost IC I can use to design a CC/CV boost?
QDrives , 12-20-2023, 08:52 PM
"The device has built-in protection features such as cycle-by-cycle current limit, overvoltage protection, line UVLO, and thermal shutdown. Hiccup mode overload protection is available in the LM51551 device option". So yes there is a current limit, and the LM1551 has hiccup mode.
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