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PCB time estimation and Size estimation with layer counts

meet , 01-30-2019, 05:42 AM
Dear Team,
i gets nervous when someone ask, "how much time is required to complete this board. So i want to know how to calculate the time. what are parameters, like: No. of Pins, BGA counts, Pitch, total nets..
Similarly, per day how much routing should be completed i.e. no of nets to be routed per day.
Paul van Avesaath , 01-30-2019, 07:02 AM
this is and will always be a tricky question. its not as simple as routing "X" many nets a day..

for me at least I sometimes restart a whole design because i do not like the look of it.. so in that case.. it's pretty hard so calculate something like time spend..
it also depends on how skilled you are.. my first ddr2 bank took me a whole month.. now i do 4x4 ddr4 banks with full matching as well as wirebonding calculations in the same time..
also routing a complex pcb on a 6 layer board or on a 12 layer board will also be a big difference in time spend.

best way to go is make an estimate, multiply it by 2.5 and give yourself time to make mistakes.. also give regular(daily) updates to your client on you progress.... be honest.. its better to have to tell them your not fully done when you still have a few days left instead that your a few days late and still not fully done.

also make 100% sure that you and your clients are aware of what "done" means

done could mean.. design ready for review
done could mean.. design has been verified and is ready for release to manufacturing
done could mean.. design is coming in this afternoon from our local supplier..

so do yourself a favor and what ever you do make it clear what the definition is from both sides before you give a estimation of anything..

also make some pre conditions about design changes along the way..

who is responsible for design changes..
are you allowed to do some changes to create a better layout?
are the schematics fixed / locked?
do you need to create footprints?
will the time of completion change when items are changed during the project..

robertferanec , 02-03-2019, 09:42 AM
I answered similar question some time ago. Maybe this will help: https://www.fedevel.com/designhelp/f...price-projects
meet , 02-03-2019, 09:54 PM
Thanks Robert, for your reply.
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