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meet , 09-15-2018, 10:30 AM
Hello Robert,
I am using ADV7513_for HDMI interface. i get stucked for the routing of color signal D[23.0]. this are single ended traces. i need guidance about their trace length matching..
1. should i length match the trace length for particular color group? for example D0-D7 should be length match and D8-D15 and D16-D23
2. Or all Signals from D0-D23 should be length matched. presently it is impossible for me to match them.
3. what is the relation for HDMI clock to these video capture signal D0-D23
mohsin_qau , 09-17-2018, 01:20 AM
You can switch to other routing layers. Means u route D0-D15 in one routing layer and D16-D23 to other routing layer and match therm with Clock signal.
robertferanec , 09-17-2018, 12:57 PM
All signals in your interface are strobed by common signal (CLK), so you can not really separate the data into groups (means you need to work with D0 - D23 together). You only can split interface into groups if each group has it's own strobe signal(s).

We do lenght match this kind of interface, but I do not know the exact requirements for this chip. Maybe try to find some design guides (or just make D0 - D23 similar length, and CLK the longest). If it helps, have a look at our open source board, we have similar chip there (but the other direction) ... you can check the layout and measure the tracks, here is the link: http://www.imx6rex.com/imx6-tiny-rex/baseboard-lite/
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