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PCB's considerations for the automative

, 05-15-2018, 01:09 AM
I am gonna design a pcb board for a car, but I am worry about the quality of design, specially the faults happening because of the vibration during the movement.
Is there any standard or considerations needed to take into account during the design of the PCB?
robertferanec , 05-15-2018, 12:05 PM
What you may need to be specially careful are heavy components and items on your board (including things like heatsink). If needed, add extra mounting holes. Also, be careful about selecting connectors (they should have some kind of latch). According to standard components (smd chips, resistors, capacitors, etc), soldering and PCB, this should be fine. However, be careful about temperature range of the components (you may want to use automotive rating - inside the car, there may be very hot and very cold temperature). Once finished, you may want to run your board or the whole system through a vibration test (they offer it in test houses).
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