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Importing EAGLE files

navdeep , 03-10-2017, 09:06 AM
I have some eagle file designs which i want to import but when i have opened my Import Wizard tab,The eagle file section was missing in it(all others like orcad,pcad were there). I have clicked on "get more importers" and it was shown there all the 34 importers have already being installed. I mean to say that, "Eagle importer" was not there in plugins and updates as well.Total , I have 34 importers in which Eagle is not there. So please let me know why I'm getting this problem?
robertferanec , 03-10-2017, 03:23 PM
I checked my Altium 17 and I can see the importer. I am not sure, but I think some stuff may need to be enabled when you are installing Altium ?!

Maybe this can help: http://techdocs.altium.com/display/A...EAGLE+Importer

Screenshot from my Altium:

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