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3s Lithium Battery BMS

Anik , 02-26-2024, 06:55 PM
Hello sir,
I am trying to design a 3s BMS. I found some reference, but I dont understand this two portion how they are working. I know how single cell BMS work, But perspective of single cell BMS I am totally unable to understand about the 3s BMS. The right side 1M resistors, Q8,Q7 and Q9 how they are working .
QDrives , 02-26-2024, 09:32 PM
Check out page 9 of this datasheet: https://www.hycontek.com/hy_battery/DS-HY2110_EN.pdf
Q7 and Q9 are for the OD and OC outputs.
I think that Q8 disables the charge when P- is higher than B-.
Robert Feranec , 02-27-2024, 06:36 AM
Just wanted to add, I will be making a video on this topic with Alex https://www.youtube.com/@eetengineer/videos
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