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Overlapping affected bend regions in Flex PCB

gautam023 , 02-06-2023, 09:32 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am designing a flex pcb for encoder to be used in 2 different devices. The board is the same but the bends required for both devices are different. I now have a design with overlapping affected bend area. Will this cause any issue?
I am using Altium. I cannot see the bend animation altium 3D view. Is this an issue with altium or there should not be any overlapping affected bend areas?

Thank you for the help in advance.
robertferanec , 02-18-2023, 12:30 AM
If having both bending areas doesn't work well, I would maybe just use one in Altium (possibly test the other one, but then delete it).
gautam023 , 02-24-2023, 08:16 AM
That is what I have chosen to do. Thank you
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