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Component Orientation

Brunodrt , 03-17-2021, 03:34 AM
Hello All,

I've made a couple of boards on eurocircuits ( PCB + Assembly ) and many component were loaded with the wrong orientation.
How can i correct that ? how do I defined the correct orientation of a component on the footprint ?

Thank you.

Best Regards,
goncaloc , 03-17-2021, 04:43 AM
For small components I always draw the footprint in the exact way as it is shown on the datasheet and never forget orientation ( pin 1 ) mark.
Brunodrt, 03-17-2021, 05:28 AM
I have, for example for a 0603 Resistor, a generic footprint. For the resistors there is no pin 1 mark. Could that be it ? how should i add that mark on components that don't have orientation ?
goncaloc , 03-17-2021, 05:35 AM
Resistors, non polarized capacitors and inductors don't need pin 1 mark.
I don't think I ever had this problem with one of this components, if it helps I always draw them horizontally with pin 1 to the left
robertferanec , 03-20-2021, 04:16 AM
This may help - there are some standards for it:

Brunodrt , 03-20-2021, 04:41 AM
Originally posted by robertferanec
This may help - there are some standards for it:
Hello Robert,

I think it may be it. Because on my ICs um using pin1 on upper left and Maybe the manufacture is considering lower left.

I'll rewatch you vídeo to correct and improve my footprints.

Thank you
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