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Right Corners in Polygons/Power Layer

tariq1996 , 03-02-2021, 05:54 AM
Hi Everyone!
I am an engineer in a hardware R&D company, and we have two teams related to right corners in polygons, which are:

1. It is wrong to have a right corner in polygons, so that you will have an unused cupper area (dead copper), which maybe will leads to an EMI problem! or at least decrease your used area for other nets.

2. It is more than fine that you have a right corner, and there is so many examples of solid designs which has a right corners (including examples of Altium company itself).

So, what is your opinion?
Please, could you help me with real answer if possible with scientific explanation?

Note: We are strongly agree on right corner 90 degree in traces.

Example of Right Corner which the first team Disagree with
Lakshmi , 03-04-2021, 06:46 AM
I agree with your first team opinion on " decrease your user area for other nets" but not sure how this will lead to EMI problems.
I've seen right-angled polygons used in some of the design, but I don't use usually.

Your polygons looks very close to other polygons, maybe you should have better look at that.
robertferanec , 03-05-2021, 08:27 AM
- I have not seen any problems with right corners in polygons
- I do not have any simulations nor scientific examples to confirm if right angles in polygons are bad or not
- People say, it is better do not have right angles because of PCB manufacturing. But again, I have not seen any issues with this

If someone is not sure, then do not do right angle corners in polygons.

PS: as @Lakshmi pointed out, maybe more important is to have bigger space between polygons (e.g. 0.2mm, but maybe better at least 0.5mm) as that helps with PCB manufacturing.
tariq1996 , 03-07-2021, 03:56 AM
Thank you @@Lakshmi and @@robertferanec.
I gauss just go with the safest way, and try not to do it.
Regarding the clearance, yes, I have increase it to make it 0.3mm.
Many thanks.
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