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Best way of learning x86 Architecture - Mini-PC Design

Firasgany7 , 01-21-2021, 01:56 AM

I'm a beginner Hardware Design Engineer, and the next project that I will take is designing a mini-PC that includes intel CPU (x86 architecture).
I will be in charge of designing the Motherboard (Schematic and placement). Routing usually done by freelancers but we give our judgment on their work.

I'm aware that a good source to learn all the stuff that I will need for schematic is to look at previous project done in the past (in my company) in addition to the documents provided by intel regarding layout and schematic, and for sure, asking for help from highly experienced engineers that work with me. and because designing a whole motherboard is very difficult and complex process, my company will put an adjacent engineer that will help me through.

In addition to all of this, I am an autodidact that always love to learn faster from additional sources.
I was wondering if FEDVEL academy has a course that is specified for x86 Architecture using modern generation of the CPU's.
I would love if someone could also suggest other source (course - free or paid) that might be a good way to start learning.

robertferanec , 01-25-2021, 07:07 AM
Hello Firas, we do not have a course about x86.

If this is your first x86 design, my recommendation is:
- stick with the reference schematic as close as you can

Once you design your first x86, when you will be debugging the board and bringing it to life you will learn how it works and that will help you next time.

Good luck!
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