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Reflection from a load. Prototype circuit for Demonstration

ScienceKid , 05-26-2020, 04:43 AM
Searching for simple circuit demonstrating Reflection from a load and Signal Integrity issues to students during a lesson. All suggestions are welcome...
robertferanec , 05-28-2020, 06:53 AM
Maybe try to talk to Kenneth, I am not sure if he has some specific boards for signal integrity, but maybe he played with some boards to measure impedance ... this is his post from boards to check resistance https://www.linkedin.com/posts/kenne...668555265-5CMh He has maybe designed number of boards to confirm results from his calculator.
chitransh92 , 05-28-2020, 07:17 AM
There is a lot of content on this by Dr.Eric Bogatin.
Just google him up and there you will several webinars with demonstration on how the reflection occurs..

ScienceKid , 05-28-2020, 05:42 PM
Hi Robert .Thanks.I have no experience designing high speed boards. On your youtube Channel there is The Same Simple Board but Different Layouts - See the Difference (DC Currents & Voltage Drop). .Few years ago I tried do similar for clocks signals. Made simple clock generator using NAND gates routed different ways to Load. But surprisingly signals was quit stable (or... no signals at all) ...
ScienceKid , 05-28-2020, 05:47 PM
Chitransh92. Thanks ! This information helps a lot.
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