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Cannot find "vmx53 viI2.PcbDoc" in the "Advanced Hardware Design" course

ham , 12-26-2019, 03:02 AM
Hi, I started course 7 of "Schematic Design & PCB Layout" in the "Advanced Hardware Design" course
As indicated at the beginning of the video, I prepared the VOIPAC project "iMX53_BB_V1I2.PrjPcb" and also I did "define a Layer Set - TOP & BOTTOM" etc ...
just after you changed a new project with name "vmx53"
I also changed the new file in the directory Lesson 7 \ COURSE \ Design Files \ VOIPAC \ iMX53 module \ V1I1
But I do not find now how to practice the subsequent placement of the processor, for example, or place the memory up and down with the VOIPAC project prepared.
It does not contain memory to place or a processor and also the other components
even the bare supply I did not find
I can't keep following you
robertferanec , 12-30-2019, 01:50 AM
Hi @ham - your PCB file needs to be in the project.

When you have a look into the left panel, you see, the PCB what you are using is Free document - this means Altium doesn't know, that this your PCB file is connected with the imx53 module project. You need to place the PCB inside of the project.
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