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Diff Pair distance issue / Course2_Lesson9

Geombu , 02-22-2019, 12:25 PM
Hello all,
I'm facing an issue currently on lesson 9 (using Altium 16.0), where I setup the differential pairs routing rules per Robert's instructions and PPT reference file, but the distance between the 2 pairs is always 0.25mm. So, the rule for Layer 1 is 0.095mm width and 0.155mm distance. The wire width is correct, but the distance is somehow stuck at 0.25mm.

Can anybody provide an advice?

I have tried to delete the rule and set it up again, I have checked if it conflicts with other clearance rules, I save and recompile every time and right after the tun the DRC Check, and nothing. Even restarting the AD16, doesn't help.

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks and regards,
Geombu , 02-23-2019, 02:29 PM
Hello all,
This was my mistake. I was measuring with measure distance instead of measure primitives. So the sum of 0.155 plus 0.095 is 0.25, so it is actually working fine.

Thanks and regards,
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