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About High-Speed, Ralph Morrison already said

Jeferson Pehls , 06-20-2023, 11:34 AM
Hello to all.

I just wanted to share a simple text that I have extracted from the book of Ralph Morrison "Fast Circuit Boards - Energy Management".

Ralph Morrison already said:

In high-speed digital logic and communications, for example, the energy of the signals is not transported in the conductors/tracks. Conductors do guide electromagnetic fields which transport the energy in spaces, like in air and dielectric/insulator materials. The quantity of electrons involved in circuit activity is very small, we should focus on the field that surrounds the electron, and not on the electron itself. Energy is not carried or stored in conductors. It is carried and stored in spaces. The most troublesome assumption is that conductors carry energy. Conductors direct fields and fields carry energy in spaces. We should focus on the field that surrounds the electron, not on the electron itself. The changing of an electric field creates a magnetic field. The fact that the electric and magnetic field act together to move energy is at the center of all electrical activity. Of course fields also move energy in free space but not at DC. Dielectrics are insulators. The fields that carry energy use dielectrics and air. Energy flows in insulators, not in conductors. The conductors direct where the energy flows. The only energy in the conductors involves moving electrons and this is a tiny fraction of the energy in the space between conductors.

Thanks, regards, and greetings, my friends.

Jeferson Pehls.
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