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Chips cost for assembly pcb producer

ypkdani , 10-19-2022, 04:02 AM

sometimes i need to understand what is the price for the electronic chips with a standard shipping lead time (weeks) instead of the cost of they with a fast shipping timeprovided by digikey, mouser, ...
How i can understand it? there are some sites?

qdrives , 10-19-2022, 01:16 PM
Look at the manufacturer site for local distributors and contact them and ask for a quotation.
Very few have a website where you can find prices.
Paul van Avesaath , 11-30-2022, 07:05 AM
recently i found OEMsecrets.com
just type in your component and it shows the pricing in different locations in the world.

i use it to find the price of the total bom to see if quotes for a prototype are good or not
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